Dynamic Balancing

Many manufacturers consider static balancing as a sufficient step for quality proofing for rotating manufactured parts. But when the part has to rotate at high speed, then dynamic balancing is a must in the process of quality control.

In addition to power saving and noise reduction, dynamically balanced parts have a predictable, reliable, and longer bearing life.

At SOMP, we have taken dynamic balancing seriously as a part of our policy to provide best quality to our customers. SOMP installed two precision dynamic balancing machines to balance parts such as: exhaust fans, electrical motor and generator rotors, crusher rotors, turbochargers, etc ...

  • A computerized KRAUSS-MAFFEI / REUTLINGER machine capable of balancing parts weighing up to 6 tons and diameters up to 3400 mm within 1 g accuracy.
  • An ultra-precision KRAUSS-MAFFEI / REUTLINGER machine with a maximum parts weight of 40 kg and balancing precision down to 0.1 g.

Whether the part is manufactured by us or is supplied by our customer, dynamic balancing is done down to 0.1 g.

A detailed report is electronically generated and printed as an equivalent to a balancing certificate for the specific part.