The Foundry

Our foundry is an electrical induction foundry. Our furnaces work on induction and can deliver product of any metal of one tone free from risers etc… (ready for machining).

This foundry is controlled by a spectrometer Laboratory (Baird), so before pouring in molds the exact analysis of the metal is controlled and adjusted.

Our products can be based on different specifications (American ASTM, AISI), as German DIN or French Afnor and now of European specifications.

We work many kinds of steels:

  • Low alloyed steels
  • Cast irons (spheroidal or malleable)
  • Refractory steels
  • High Manganese steels as hadfield steel
  • All stainless steels and low carbon ones
  • Refractory stainless steels
  • Aluminum alloys as duralumin or Aluminum tin babbits etc…
  • All quality of Brass (Copper - Zinc alloys)
  • All quality of Tin Bronzes for all use and all special alloys for bearings
  • Copper Tin alloys till 12% for bearings etc…
  • Copper tin - lead alloys
  • Babbitts (white metal for bearings): lead based, tin based, or aluminum based


Our workshop can install babbitts on any base metal after tinning to guarantee them for a long period of normal work. Before that, a perfect adhesion of the lead based or tin based babbitts is achieved.

If a client wants a duplication of any alloy from a product out of service, our spectrometer laboratory can reconstitute the composition of this alloy and we can then duplicate for him the product as he wishes.


Products cast at our foundry can be machined in our own workshop and delivered to the client with the hardness needed (Brinnel or Rockwell) after heat treatments as we are equipped with furnaces for quenching, tempering normalizing or annealing.


Certainly the models to be cast for single parts use patterns made of wood and for serial production patterns are made of aluminum taking care of the shrinkage of the casted metal (for our molds we use sand and resin or olivine if necessary).

We guarantee the quality of our production as we take special care of the shapes and volume of risers. The client can be sure of the soundness of our castings.

To summarize, we cast all metals in our induction furnaces foundry. We can workshop them and we can heat treat them: quenching (oil or water), tempering, normalizing and annealing. We can do also surfaces induction hardening.