Gear Hobbing

Gear manufacturing is a precise science since it involves the calculation of the many forces exerted on the gear and the geometry of the gear as part of a gear train should be exact to be able to deliver the required power.

SOMP makes a perfect replacement for the original gears within a great range of geometries. Our customers do not have to wait extra time for the delivery of the gears from the original manufacturer.

The gear is manufactured according to the original and with the same specifications. The metal and hardness are checked in our laboratory with hardness testing machines so the replica we do is hardly distinguished from the original one and sometimes even better.

The hardness is controlled by SOMP's heat treatment division so that the gear would withstand the exerted forces without showing any defects like pitting or cracking.

SOMP's unique capacity gear hobbing machine in the country is capable of producing spur, helical, herringbone and worm gears up to module 14 from 25 mm to 1950 mm in diameter. Spur gears can be manufactured up to module 32.

Our customers do not worry about broken or worn out gears because they know that we can handle all types of gears irrelevant of their specifications, mechanical or chemical properties, or geometries. So they only hand us the old gear or gearbox and they take it back refurbished as new without the costly downtime, delivery delays, and original parts cost or availability.