To help our customer to get the best result in the metal composition, we have equipped our laboratory with a spectrometer for testing different types of metals.

Using our spectrometer, we can analyze the purchased raw material before it is used for machining to guarantee an exact specification from the raw material supplier and thus delivering an additional assurance to our customers for the best quality.

If a raw material of specific composition is not available in the market, then we can make such a composition in our foundry with a guaranteed high precision composition and hardness.

We also provide our customers the service of checking the chemical composition of the metal of their own product by simply providing a piece of this metal and we will prepare a detailed report of the percentage of elements in that metal.

To provide better service for our customer, our upgraded spectrometer can test ferrous based metals and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and lead based alloys.

With this range of metals that can be tested in our spectrometer, our customers always find us the best resource to have precise chemical and mechanical properties for their products.