SOMP owns and operates the only induction melting foundry in Lebanon capable of melting alloys ranging from various cast irons, to stainless steels and low carbon stainless steels, including but not limited to carbon steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, manganese steels, Hadfield manganese steel, and special bronzes and brasses and aluminum alloys, and aluminum tin babbitts, and lead or tin base babbitts. [more]


The metallurgical laboratory is equipped with a vacuum optical emission spectrometer to analyze the purchased raw material and cast alloys to insure strict conformance to the customer's chemical composition requirements. [more]

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamically balanced rotating components have a predictable, reliable and longer bearing life. SOMP installed two precision dynamic balancing machines to balance parts such as: exhaust fans, electrical motor and generator rotors, crusher rotors, etc ...

  • A computerized KRAUSS-MAFFEI / REUTLINGER machine capable of balancing parts weighing up to 6 tons and diameters up to 3400 mm within 1 g accuracy.
  • An ultra-precision KRAUSS-MAFFEI / REUTLINGER machine with a maximum parts weight of 40 kg and balancing precision down to 0.1 g.
  • [more]

Gear Hobbing

Most gearbox parts, especially larger ones, involve spur or helical gear replacement, and in the majority of instances, a substantial waiting period is needed to receive the spare parts from the original manufacturer. To save its customers costly downtime, SOMP acquired a gear hobbing machine to promptly supply its customers with replacement gears.

SOMP's unique capacity gear hobbing machine in the country is capable of producing spur, helical, herringbone and worm gears up to module 14 from 25 mm to 1950 mm in diameter. Spur gears can be manufactured up to module 32. [more]

Large Lathe

Besides its ten standard lathes, SOMP runs a large lathe capable of turning parts up to 3100 mm in diameter, weights up to 20 tons, and lengths up to 10 meters. [more]

Horizontal Boring

SOMP's horizontal boring machine is able to perform precision boring and facing operations. Typical parts machines in the HBM are: small and large gearbox housings, large chain sprockets, loader and earth moving machinery link arms, etc ... [more]

Heat Treating

SOMP has the capability to heat-treat cast or fabricated components to the desired hardness. Annealing, normalizing, oil quenching and tempering as well as stress relieving are routinely performed in its many electrical heat-treatment furnaces. [more]